The Best Facebook Groups for Freelance Writers 2019 (UPDATED BY CATEGORY!)

The best Facebook groups for freelance writers

There are dozens of Facebook groups for freelance writers full of potential clients looking for you right now.

And I don’t mean those BS groups where you share your dreams about becoming an author. I mean active groups where real writers help you advance your career fast and real clients hunt for good penmanship.

You just need to know which ones are worth your time and which ones will launch you into a never ending pit of “I WANT MORE THAN $2 PER BLOG” despair.

Over the last 5 years, I’ve researched almost 100 FB writing groups and these 10 are the best.

The best Facebook groups for freelance writers

When I first started out, I tried using freelancing platforms.

F*** THAT!

Then I moved on to cold email, which is awesome.

But then, once I moved to Thailand, I realized Facebook was the easiest way to get new clients. Now I use a mix of cold pitching and my favorite Facebook groups.

Why? Because these groups let you:

  • Ask questions to successful writers and get amazing feedback instead of paying hundreds of dollars in consultations
  • Network with peers and support each other
  • Find good-paying clients
  • Warm pitch new prospects
  • Share your own stuff to get more publicity

Initializing the best Facebook groups for freelance writers in 3….2….1….

Ⅰ: The Best Facebook Writing Groups for Jobs

Want to find paying gigs fast instead of competing with thousands of bidders on Upwork?

These are hands down the best groups. And you don’t need a degree to land any of them.

Local Client Takeover (eCommerce)

The best Facebook groups for freelance writers

I always recommend new writers get started in the eCommerce space. eCom companies need copywriters and content writers like Al Pacino needs to chill the F*** out and stop overacting.

LCT is full of clients looking for writers to create blogs, affiliate reviews, sales pages, emails, product descriptions, and basically any other content you can think of.

I’ve landed clients paying $120 per blog or more here. Once you gain a good reputation, other people will shout you out. That’s the beauty of online writing groups.

The Proper SEO Group

The best Facebook groups for freelance writers

Here’s another awesome group for finding writing jobs. One secret of the freelance writing world is that industry groups are usually WAY LESS competitive than job boards.

These companies aren’t just looking for cheap content writers for SEO content – though plenty are. There are tons of companies looking for ghost writers/copywriters to help with everything from blogging to email copywriting.

Like this friend of mine that I worked with for a year. He paid upwards of $250/per blog. If you think that’s out of reach for the average writer, you are dead wrong.

Check out my post on how much freelance writers can realistically make. It’s A LOT more than you think.

The best Facebook groups for freelance writers

**WIPES TEAR** Thanks for the shoutouts, Gene and Mehul!

Copywriting Jobs

The best Facebook groups for freelance writers

Not as good as the first two, but this is still a good place to score writing jobs via Facebook.

There are a lot of posts by copywriters looking for work, so it’s a pain sifting through the muck to find the gems. But make no mistake, gems there are.

If you want to break into the industry, this job board is still better than freelancing platforms.

Ⅱ: The Best Facebook Writing Groups for Support/Learning

These groups have that been-there-done-that type swag you need to start landing big-ticket clients.

Want to get help from other writers with everything from finding a niche to how to weave a theme into your blogs?

Join these groups!

The Freelance Content Marketing Writer

The best Facebook groups for freelance writers

Do you want to be part of an elite group for badass freelance writers earning$100+/hr?

Join this Facebook group for freelance writers in the digital marketing/content marketing space.

You’ll get instant access to over 3,500 super successful writers that will help you with everything from which payment processor to us to how to find a VA. 

Even if you aren’t making good money yet, the group is still open to you. Just don’t cause any drama.

Writers Helping Writers

The best Facebook groups for freelance writers

185,000 strong and growing!

This is a great community with support from well-established writers of all shapes and sizes. It’s buzzing with writers, editors, publishers, agents, and Freelanceaholics like me (And you!).

I’ve seen people asking for feedback on web copy, looking about tips for landing jobs, asking for help with self publishing, and humble bragging about minor writing wins.


Six and Up: A Community for Freelancers

The best Facebook groups for freelance writers

Six and Up is a group with very supportive members, even if I think the million dollar tagline is a bit much.

I regularly see members answering questions like:

  • How do I find a niche?
  • What would you do if an editor steals your topic?
  • How do I quit my 9-5, I’m scared?
  • How does a writer get started finding jobs?

With over 6,500 members, you’ll find a ton of like minded people to support you in your dream.

NOTE: Yes, I’m aware that this looks like it’s only for women. It mostly is, but anyone is welcome.

Inner Circle Writer’s Group

Inner Circle is an online support group for writers that’s geared more toward professional book writers/authors, but is open to writers of all kinds.

There’s even a promotion on Mondays where you can offer your own writing services/books.

I’ve noticed that it’s mostly writers supporting each other to submit articles to other publications and cheer when they succeed.

Why not?

Ⅲ: The Best Facebook Writing Groups for Copywriting

Copywriting is a high-paying art form that can be applied everywhere, not just on sales pages.

The best part? Almost all of the information is out there FOR FREE. And if there is any paid matieral, it’s probably really cheap.

Check out some of these groups, and you’ll learn the art of mind control…I mean, “persuasion”.

The Cult of Copy

The best Facebook groups for freelance writers

Colin’s Cult of Copy is probably my favorite Facebook group. He shares amazing insights into high-level copywriting that have helped me advance my career and make a lot of money.

Thanks Colin.

Here you’ll find cool stuff like:

  • The emotions that trigger purchases
  • Copywriting formulas for high-paying sales pages
  • Niche-specific tips to hone your game
  • Examples of great copywriting

There’s even a corresponding job board to find high-paying writing work.


Copywriting Hacks

Another awesome copywriting group.

This one isn’t quite advanced as the Cult of Copy, so it might be easier to stomach at first. You’ll still find a ton of great advice, tips, hacks, documents, guides, and other writers to network with.

The Copywriter Club 

The Copywriter Club is a great Facebook page, but it’s also a website and podcast too incase you need more media to destroy your brain.

You’ll find tons of great information, including an accelerator to help you level up to T-Rex kinda clients (Not rich, I really mean short arms and big teeth).

Plus, it has Kira Hug, who’s freelance writer website KICKS ASS (Check out my post on freelance writer websites that actually attract clients).

BONUS – Work at Home Heroes

Work at Home Heroes is the best work from home Facebook group I’ve found. So much so that I appeared on the podcast last year!

this is a great place to start learning in-demand skills and network with other people trying to earn money online and live anywhere. It’s mostly for editors and writers, but anyone is allowed to join.

Caitlyn and her group manager Talia kick ass. They’ll help you learn about anything from selling things on eBay to learning to be a proofreader and making thousands a month online.

What Should I Do Now?

These Facebook groups for writers ain’t gonna join themselves. Join as many as you can and start hunting for jobs.

If you’re just looking for freelance writing jobs now, check out my post on the 21 best places to find writing jobs as a beginner. You can land your first client in a matter of hours.

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