How I Write Online for Money: $200+/day (Screenshots!)

I write things online for money. This is an easy-to-follow guide for everything I do. No fluff. No bullshit. Follow this. Make money.

I made about $300 writing ONE article online today. 

All I did was write about software that helps people make a movie script.

Talk about the ultimate side hustle…

I always tell people that writing online for money is the BEST way to work from home, side hustle, remote career, etc. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a degree, experience, or connections.

EVERYONE needs quality content and ANYONE can write online for money. 

I’ve noticed that most websites teaching you how to make money writing online just spout a lot of BS:

  • Become a best selling kindle author!
  • Just start your own site and run ads or sell products!
  • Why don’t you become an expert technical writer and pitch MIT?


I’m going to show you all of the ways I make money writing online with screenshots, tips, places to look, and memes.

Oh yeah, baby. A whole lotta’ memes.

Ⅰ: The Truth About Writing Online for Money

$300 in one day is nice.

I’m not rich by any means, but writing pays the bills.

I’ll share the ULTIMATE WAY TO MAKE $200 - $300 AN HOUR as a writer down below…

I wish I could tell you that you can write about something you love or pursue your creative writing dreams and make a fortune fast.

That ain’t the case. You gotta serve somebody.


I’m only going to focus on REALISTIC ways to earn money writing online.

Trust me: You WILL succeed if you keep at this. 

Start from the bottom and grind. Grind. Grind. Grind. Grind. 

Don’t listen to that asshole in your head. Don’t listen to the people online who say you can’t make good money doing this. Don’t listen to anyone….



Ⅱ: How I Make Money Writing From Home

Content is the gasoline that fuels the internet. 


Here’s what I’ve written over my career and a general feeling for how much you can charge for each piece.

I will include some examples of what I’ve written and screenshots to help guide you along. As you’ll see, some of this stuff is pretty fucking easy.

You just need to learn the basics, then you have a sellable, scalable skill that can easily earn you money from home, Venice, some brothel in Thailand (I know nothing of this subject), or on trains crisscrossing Europe. 

Interested in learning how to become a content writer and how I started earning 2K+ per month fast? Check out my guide on how to become a content writer.

At the beginning of my writing career, I traveled through Italy while making money for my train tickets by working during the train rides. Hands down one of the best experiences of my life.

I landed in Venice and took a train down to Rome. SICK!

#1: Get Paid to Write About AnythingGeneric Blogs

Pay: $25 – $60

Search engine optimization (SEO) companies need content based around keywords to increase their client’s rank in Google (Check out the basics of content for SEO here). 

So they pay writers to crank out as many articles as they can in the hopes of getting their clients to Page 1.

The pay is meh – most of first clients paid between $20 – $25 – but you don’t need any experience or any specialty topics. And if you type fast, you can crank out a 400-500 word blog in like 30 mins. Charge ~ $25 for your first clients. Here’s what a typical client would send me for a single month. This was just one client.

$446.50 for one client ain’t bad. When you’re broke, $446 goes a long way! And that’s just one client. I know writers juggling 10-12 or more.

You’ll write about everything from German Shepherds to the History of Chess (See image).

At my peak, I was writing 5 – 6 of these per day. Once I got my rate up to ~$30 for 500-words, I was breaking $120/day easily.

Here’s a sample structure of an SEO blog:

That’s it…Intro, body, conclusion, you’re done. $25 in your pocket. BANG!

You can probably bang 2-3 out per night sitting on the couch watching Monday Night Raw, the Yankees, or whatever crazy fetish crap you got going on (Sicko).

This is the best place to start for new writers in my opinion. Check out how to become a freelance FAST writer and get to it. You can start bringing in a few hundred dollars PER WEEK with 0 experience.

Where to find this work: SEO/Digital marketing companies. Google it.

#2: Product/Web Service Reviews (earn $150+/Day from Writing)

Pay: $50 – $100 + per article

You know all of those “Best laptop 2019” or “best smartphones under $200” or “Best productivity apps for students” articles online?

Guess what?

They’re almost all affiliate articles written by content writers. 

Yes, the writers actually do a ton of research and generally recommend the best products, but there’s very few articles written by people who actually use said products/sites.

So why does this matter to online article writers?

Because writing product/site/service reviews is a great skill to develop as a writer. It pays more than general article writing and isn’t that hard, though harder than writing a 500-word blog.

If you can write in a conversational tone and convince readers that a certain product is EXACTLY what they need, then you could easily build a good-paying career.

Can you:

  • Write about benefits?
  • Make a pros and cons bullet list?
  • Write with emotion?

If so, reviews are an easy way to start bringing in about $150 per day. 

I know for a fact you can make that because I was charging $90/1,000 words for product/website reviews back in the day (I’ve increased my rates a lot since then). 

If you can write 2,000 words at that price, that’s $180. Even if you charge 25% less, that’s still about $130-$140/day.

I made about $1,000/week writing product/website reviews for affiliate sites back then. Yes, it’s a lot of work to crank out 2,000-2,500 words of detailed reviews a day on complex products, but what job isn’t hard? 

Here’s an OLD sample of mine to work from. I’ve gotten a lot better, but you can’t expect to skip steps. Start with the basics:

Excuse the U in “color”. This was for a British site. I still lose sleep over it…

Where to find this work: Job boards, Craiglist, Facebook groups

#3: Writing a Company’s Actual Blog

Price: No limit.  Low End: $60/1,000 words | High-end: $200 – $300 + | Top 1% earn $1,000 (One day soon for me I hope!)

I’ve made anywhere from $50 – $300+. It all comes down to the company, your negotiating skills, and your level of experience.

Creating useful content (Usually blogs) is the best way to build trust and generate leads. This is known as content marketing or, more generally,  “inbound marketing”.

Unlike content for the sake of content (Just to increase rankings), this content is meant to:

  • Inform
  • Educate
  • Build a brand
  • Generate leads
  • Increase trust
  • Position the company as an expert in their field

That means as a writer, you have to firmly grasp the industry, be able to write in the company’s voice (Usually the CEO’s), and MOST IMPORTANTLY, write like a badass. That means:

  • to-the-point intros that hook
  • Benefits, benefits, benefits
  • Succinct writing
  • Unique voice
  • wit and personality
  • SEO badassery (I’m going to write a blog post on the KevinScraper technique one day…one day..)

One of my clients pays 20 cents PER WORD ($200 for every 1,000 words), but I discount to 18 cents when they order a large amount of content.

Here’s a snippet of what I’ve written for them with the company name and other info blacked out:

Notice I use “we” and “us”. Most clients want you to become the company’s voice, so get used to talking as if you actually work for them.

How to Get These Jobs: This is tricky. Let me try to help:

  1. Attend conferences/meetups (Not Practical): Sorry, this is the best way but I realize it’s not practical – and I promised practical. Moving along…
  2. Facebook/Linkedin: Know a lot about a certain topic? Join industry groups on Facebook or Linkedin and pitch your services. If you’re an expert in a certain industry AND can write, companies can use your services.

Just as a note, a quick search of the Linkedin Jobs Board for “digital marketing writer” turned up a job working for SquareSpace’s blog. Probably a good opportunity…too bad I’m stuck writing for you schmucks…

  • BONUS: Job Boards: There are plenty of job boards for online writers, you’ve just to monitor them very closely. Check out my post on 21 ways to find freelance writing jobs for some of my favorite job boards.

#4: Amazon Product Listings (The Sicko Way to Earn Money Writing Online)

Pay: $50 – $200+

If you can succinctly convey benefits, trigger purchases, and write copy that positions your client as THE BEST, you can make serious money.

I topped out at slightly above $200 per listing, but at just about an hour for each listing, the pay is pretty sick. That’s easily $200+/hr, and since the process is formulaic-ish, once you get it down, you can churn this stuff out like hot cakes and make some real money.

A good listing can boost sales immensely, and with heavy traffic, that can result in tens of thousands of dollars in revenue for a company just from some minor tweaks. 

I wish I had invested more time in writing these, and I’m sure I could’ve broken the $200/listing threshold. Alas, I have switched focus.

Here are a few tips:

  1. Place your keywords, key benefits, and who it’s for (EX: Perfect for picky kids) in the title
  2. The first bullet point should be the buyer’s main pain point


I can’t actually share any listings from my clients. They’d castrate me and email what’s leftover to my family (How is that possible, Kevin?).

Here’s a quick example of how I’d write a title and first bullet point:

I hope someone gets the South Park reference here. In general, you need to talk about what makes you different, unique features, the main benefit, and the company’s brand.

Where to find this writing work: Amazon marketing agencies, Amazon copywriting agencies, job boards, Facebook groups, personal connections, Google, Linkedin

Ⅲ: 5 More Ways to Make Money Writing Online 

There are dozens of ways to make money writing online.

The interwebz is basically the Wild Wild West (Just with fewer enforceable laws and stranger characters).

I recommend diversifying your skillset and learning as much as you can about ecommerce, SEO, affiliate marketing, and copywriting in general.

Here are a few others ways:

Start Your Own Blog

Freelanceaholics is my baby.

This takes a while to pay back tangible dividends. Eventually, with enough traffic you can monetize your own blog tons of different ways – from paid ads to infoproducts to consultation services.

In the meantime, your own blog will:

  • Build your brand
  • Increase industry awareness
  • Cultivate trust

All of these things will help increase the demand for your services and justify higher and higher writing rates.

Scope Out Your Local Area

I used Google Maps to get started writing.


I just googled digital marketing companies in the vicinity of my hometown and about an hour down the road in New York.

You can do the same. Or you can:

  • Tell everyone you meet that you’re a writer and can help with resumes, copy, emails, business correspondence, etc.
  • Go to your local Chamber of Commerce and tell business owners you’re a copywriter
  • Advertise on local insert boards that you’re a writer who can write essays/tutor/write web copy
  • Take out an ad in a local magazine offering copy services

Find blogs that pay writers in your niche

This is so fucking easy it’s stupid.

Just google “niche + blog + write for us”.

You’ll find a ton of FREE and PAID writing opportunities.

Sell Your Articles on Constant Content or Hub Pages

These guys let you place articles for sale or accept custom content requests. They reportedly pay you up to 65% of the article’s sale price (WARNING: I’ve never used either). This hearsay, but from reputable sources.

This is a good way to monetize some of the samples you write for your writer’s portfolio.

For example, if choose the parenting niche and write a sample article “3 tips to quiet a crying baby at the restaurant while the rest of us are trying to enjoy our god damn meal”, you could place that in your portfolio AND try to sell it on Constant Content.

Win win!

BONUS: Write for Clearvoice (Kinda Like Online Dating for Freelancers)

Clearvoice is a service that lets freelancers upload a portfolio, set a price, and then “match” with prospective clients. It’s kind of like online dating in a way, except nobody lies about their height.

The company will send you email notifications with potential matches and what you’ll earn for each piece.

Not bad, since the site basically does all the work for you.

One caveat is they take a 25% cut and payments are made through PayPal. Work can be spotty, but you get what you put in. I still recommend taking the initiative and finding your own clients, but can’t hurt to slap up a portfolio!

Those are the ways that I make money writing online. It’s way easier than it seems. In the beginning, I couldn’t believe how easy it was. Once you hone your skills, the sky is the limit for what you can do.

Writing articles online is the best way to make $100 or more/day writing for home. It’s the ultimate side hustle. Easy, scalable, and fun_you can do it in your spare time for extra cash or make it your full time career and set off galavanting across the globe.

What are you waiting for? Let me know which kind of content you want to write and I’ll help you out!


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