Freelance Writing Niche Guide FROM HELL (Choose Your Niche 2020)

Learn how to choose a freelance writing niche from someone who struggled FOREVER to choose one, the most F*****G awesome topics for 2020, and which specialty to get into. Plus pics of me in a funny dress.

Freelance writing niche meme

I don’t know about you, but I think Freelance writing niches are a pain in the ass!

Even writing this guide to choosing a freelance writing niche sucked. 

Hence the name “Freelance Writing Niche Guide from Hell!”

It’s choice overload! 

Trying to choose a topic to specialize in is like you and your friends discussing where you want to go for drinks in Ho Chi Minh City.

“That place looks cool!”

“That place has the cheap whisky!”


Everyone fights for 2 hours and by the time you decide, anywhere with a shred of human decency is winding down. 

Then you end up drinking cheap rum with the local restaurant staff that screams Mat Long (Pussy face) every time you cheers drinks.

Does that sound familiar? I hope not…

Don’t worry, this happens to EVERY WRITER. 

When I first got started I had NO CLUE what I wanted to write about, and that nearly forced me to GIVE UP. I got so frustrated about finding a niche that I almost didn’t start writing.


Sitting there worrying about finding the perfect writing niche will get you nowhere.


Just do it.

I see new writers saying the same things all the time:

“I want to start writing. I’ve got 10 years experience in banking and another 5 in finance. Should I write about banking and finance?”

“I dream of being a freelancer, traveling the world, making money from anywhere. But what am I going to write about?”


This guide is going to help you with that.

Let’s get to it…

Ⅰ: Why Finding a Niche (Topic) Specialization is Important

Want to become a paid freelance writer fast? Finding a niche is crucial to finding high paying clients, but you can break into the industry fast if you follow my advice in my post how to become a freelance writer fast.

OK, let me start off by saying this topic is super confusing. 

The word NICHE in freelance writing usually refers to a topic or an industry that you specialize in. For example, digital marketing (My topic), banking, or parenting.

Others define “niche” as the “type of writing/copywriting” you specialize in. In this case, emails, sales pages, or blogs. 

I prefer the former and so does the market, so that’s what we’re going with. 

Freelance writing niche screenshot

freelance writing niche screenshot

American Writers and Artists Inc. seems to agree…

Freelance writing niche screenshot

1.1: OK, Why is Finding the Right Writing Subject so Important?

Imagine you’re running a digital marketing blog and need some content.

Do you want a writer whose tagline is “I’m Kevin, and I write content about everything!”  

Or do you want someone with the tagline:

“Hey, I’m Kevin. Digital marketing is F*****G  BORING, but it doesn’t have to be. With my writing, it’ll be just boring, not F*****G boring!”

The more you know about a topic, the easier it is to write about for you and the better quality you produce.

Less time + plus better quality = $$$$$

This took me a shade less than 2 hours:

Finding a freelance writing niche has its perks!

$288 in less than two hours is sweet. I could easily write another one of those if I wasn’t busy typing away for you ungrateful schmucks. Freelance writers can make hundreds of dollars per day or more with the right specialties.

Ⅱ: How to Choose the Perfect Freelance Writing Niche for You!

Before getting to the best, most lucrative niches for 2019-20, I want to cover how you can actually find a writing niche. This caused me so much agony, but now I realize it’s so F*****G easy.

If you follow this quick process, you’ll nail it and get started making good money instead of overthinking and under-gettingshitdone.

  1. Start With What You Know

Sounds obvious, but there’s no reason to reinvent the wheel.

I agonized over my first “niche”, and after days and days I finally just wrote about living in Prague and teaching English abroad. Two things I knew a lot about back then.

My first apartment in Prague way back in the day. Never had any money, but lots of great memories.

Once I started actually getting paid, I quickly fell into the digital marketing niche…which leads me to..

2. Follow Demand

I quickly noticed that a lot of my clients were asking me to write about digital marketing and eCommerce – which was taking off at the time. So I thought “eh, why not!”, and billed myself as an eCom writer guy thing.

OK, Kevin. How Does That Help ME?! I Don’t Have Any Clients Yet!

I was getting there….

You can analyze demand manually with this cool, FREE tool. Ever heard of….


How to find a freelance writing niche

Go to Google and look for these terms:

  • “Niche + write for us”
  • “Niche + blogs hiring writers”
  • “Niche + marketing companies”
  • “Niche + SEO companies”
  • “Best Niche Blogs”
  • “Niche + companies + city”

Why search for marketing companies, search engine optimization (SEO), or just companies in general in each niche?

Because even if you can’t find the companies directly, you can determine the profitability of niche BY PROXY.

If there are SEO and marketing companies serving that niche, then there must be enough demand to necessitate the existence of a marketing company solely for these customers.

It’s called supply and demand. There are niche marketing companies for every topic you can think of – even something as “obscure” as hunting!

Obscure freelance writing niche

3. Think of Your Interests/Hobbie

This is pretty self explanatory. If it were me, I would write down:

  • Playing guitar (20 years now!)
  • Basketball
  • Traveling
  • Writing
  • Copywriting
  • Chicken Tikka Masala

If you can find a profitable niche related to a hobby, you’re golden.

Lastly, let’s talk about $. 

4. Determine the Profitability

Money talks.

You can make money in any niche, but some are more profitable than others.

Maybe a better way to phrase that is “some niches have a larger pool of high-paying clients than others”.

It’s easier to find big money clients in tech than it is in gardening for example. 

In general, the more complex and in-demand a topic, the more it pays. Here are a few questions to answer when doing your soul searching:

  • How many Fortune 500 companies are in this niche? Fortune 1,000? Fortune 5,000? Chances are this is limited to a very narrow list of niches
  • How many large blogs are in this niche?
  • How many writers do these sites employ?
  • Can I realistically write about this topic with minimal research? If so, it won’t pay well.
  • How hard is this topic to explain to a layperson?
  • Do you need a degree to perform this job? Doctor, lawyer, dentist, chemist, engineer, etc

These are the topics that PAY. Though there are a few that also pay big but are actually pretty fun and easy in my opinion.

That’s all coming up….NEXT!

Ⅲ: The 10 Most F*****G Awsome Freelance Writing Niches 2020

I don’t have any stats on this. But I do know from personal experience that these freelance writing subjects are in high demand. If you choose one you will find work. Stop thinking and start doing.

  1. Real Estate

Difficulty: Easy.

Real estate is the largest industry in America, and there are thousands of sites, blogs, and companies thirsting for skilled writers to create content.

If the best pickup line you’ve ever seen on Tinder is “Wanna House Hunters International and chill?”, this niche is for you.

If you enjoy writing about appraisals, curb appeal, home makeovers, negotiating prices, and reasons to live in different neighborhoods, this topic is the perfect fit. Demand is high, pay is decent, and it ain’t that hard.

How to get started: Read up on real estate SEO and connect with companies in your local area.

2. Cryptocurrency

Difficulty: Hard.

Crypto pays BANK.

The explosion in cryptocurrency means there are hundreds of ponzi schemes….I mean “crypto companies” in need of white papers, blogs, landing pages, emails, social media ads, etc.

How well do you understand blockchain? Can you keep up with crypto news? Do you understand the complex political mechanisms in place trying to prevent crypto from taking over?

How to get started: Crypto is still the Wild Wild West. Just start contacting people with crypto ventures on Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter and billing yourself as a crypto writer.

3. Personal Finance/Frugal Living

Difficulty: Medium.

Our generation is obsessed with frugal living. 

In part due to a shifting economy and inheriting thousands in debt due to misunderstandings of the new job market, and partly due to social media groupthink that’s convinced millions that there’s no hope even though there are tons of high paying jobs left unfilled.

Did You Know?: Freelancing is more common thank you think!

Nearly 25% of the US population is part of the gig economy now! I wonder how much that has to do with ride sharing and delivery apps....

Anyways….I digress.

How to get started: Personal finance and frugal living are in high demand. Sites like the PennyHoarder will pay for unique submissions. If you’re broke, why not monetize how broke you are? Go on the hunt for blog by GOOGLING PERSONAL FINANCE SITES THAT PAY WRITERS.

4. Technology

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Difficulty: Medium – Hard

The demand for tech writers has never been higher. If you can write about:

  • IT
  • Consumer electronics
  • Cybersecurity (This is probably a niche in its own right)
  • Software/Saas (Again probably one unto itself)

Then you can find a lot of high-paying work fast.

You’ll mostly be writing blogs for tech companies, product reviews for affiliate stores (Check out the next section for more), white papers, etc.

How to get started: Write reviews of shit you use every day. Write blogs about technology you understand. Publish

5, Digital Marketing

Difficulty: Medium.

This is my freelance writing niche. 

You’ll find thousands and thousands of freelance, full-time, part-time, and remote opportunities as a digital marketing writer, and it pays well. Some clients of mine pay upwards of $300 PER BLOG.

Digital marketing/eCommerce is growing at an unprecedented rate. Think you’d enjoy writing about:

  • SEO
  • Email marketing
  • eCommerce
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Social media marketing
  • Growth hacking
  • Making money online in general

Give it a try!

How to get started: Start by reading up on digital marketing at some TRUSTWORTHY sources:

5. Parenting/Family

Difficulty: Easy. Raising kids is hard. Writing about raising is not that hard.

FUN FACT: Did you know that 10 out of every 10 people has parents?

Someone had to bring you into this world. We aren’t lifeless AI borgs created in a laboratory yet…besides Kawai Leonard. 


Seriously, parenting blogs are the biggest thing since bottled milk. Because, ya know, we should all trust the financial interests of random strangers on the internet in regards to raising the next generation.

I digress.

One cool thing about this niche is that if you have kids, you’re automatically qualified to write about it. And the money is good! Probably the best side hustle for stay at home moms.

7. Hobbies/DIY/Outdoors/Trades

Difficulty: Easy.

DIY, home repair, plumbing, roofing, landscaping, arts & crafts, hunting_you name it. Remember the hunting SEO company from before? Why not pitch them!

So if you can write about any of the topics I’ve listed above, you’ll find regular writing work easily.

Especially in the trades like plumbing, roofing, painting, electrical, etc.

A lot of the demand comes from “Local SEO”, an industry that helps local tradesmen appear at the top of Google for searches in their local area. Like this:

How to get started: Look for digital marketing companies in your local area and pitch them using targeted samples. By the way, local marketing companies are one of the best ways to find freelance writing jobs for beginners.

Blog topics to write about might be:

  • Top 5 things to look for in a home inspection
  • How to unclog a toilet after….fill in the blank
  • 3 ways to save on your electric bills
  • Why trying to save $2 on your electric bills is a waste of time when you buy $12 packs of cigs and $15 margaritas at some shitty hipster bar every night

8. Pets

Difficulty: Awww

Do you want to get paid to write articles like “why does my cat love sitting on paper” and “why do cats eat grass”.

You’ve found the right niche. I’m serious….those are real topics you can get paid to write.

How to get started: Just write samples based on your own pets:

  • Why does my pitbull think she weighs 5lbs when it actually weighs 50?
  • Is my cat plotting world domination?
  • Top 5 foods your dog CAN’T EAT

The pay isn’t gonna be stellar, but I bet you’ll love work every day.

9. Fitness/Health/Beauty

Difficulty: Easy – Hard.

Do you love to work out?

Do you love to write about healthy foods?

Do you love making people feel bad about themselves and guilting them into buying products that will improve their lives?

Boy, have I got a niche for you.

Gyms, health blogs, beauty companies, supplement companies, and everyone else on the “make-everyone-feel-ugly” gravy train need tons of content. 

The difficulty is hard to pinpoint since some topics here might be easy – “how to lose weight” – while others could be insanely difficult – “the ultimate guide to adaptogens”.

How to get started: Create blog posts in your niche and start searching job boards.

Ⅳ: Freelance Writing Specialties

Most writers have a freelance writing topic specialty, but some even take it a step further.

These writers even have a certain type of writing that they do.

For example, you can be a software as a service (Saas) writer that specializes in writing white papers (Authoritative reports) for tech startups. This type of uber-specialization helps you pinpoint prospects, command higher prices, and develop an airtight brand.

I don’t recommend choosing one at the beginning. In fact, if anything, my specialty (Long-form digital marketing blogs) found me. 

Still, it’s good to keep these in mind, especially if you have prior experience.

Here are 10 quick freelance writing niche specialties you can use to further brand yourself.

White Papers

Might as well start here. These super in-depth reports usually present a problem/solution and paint the company in a positive light.

White papers can pay THOUSANDS if you you’re working with big name companies.

The best part? You don’t really need to be an expert. The client usually spoon feeds you the information.

Amazon Listings

Amazon listings can pay hundreds of dollars per listings and could take less than hour.

Once you learn HOW to write an Amazon listing the right way using the right copywriting techniques in your bullet points, you’re golden.

How to get started: Rewrite some of the crappy listings you find on Amazon – like for this tow truck driver girlfriend shirt – and make a portfolio. Then start pitching the clients on Amazon.


Email copywriting is cool gig, and let’s you write in a more personable, less grimy tone than other kinds of copywriting.

Matt Diggity is a great example of good email copywriting.

I’ve seen writers making anywhere from $50 to $200 per email. If you can bang out a few per day, you’re golden.

Sales Pages

Noam at writes a sales page like the New York Knicks screw up everything good in my life: Well.

Can you write emotive headlines that drive people to BUY NOW?

Can you write about BENEFITS, PROBLEMS, and SOLUTIONS?

These bad boys can pay thousands of dollars per page.

How to get started: First, learn about what drives people to buy. Next, start learning sales page formulas. From there, start writing your own sales page for fake products or rewriting bad sales page you find online.

Long-Form Blog Content (The Ultimate Guide to XYZ)

Can you slog through 5,000 words fast while maintaining quality?

Longer content has proven to rank better in Google, and companies (Especially digital marketing companies) are hungry for writers that can create high-quality 3,000 + word guides.

I know because this is my specialty. Not only do I know a shit ton about digital marketing, I can type fast, and my stamina is Steve Prefontaine level (Literally had no clue who the best American distance runner of all time was. I had to google it).

If you can write conversationally, know how to find the best topics to include in a post from Google, and can grind, grind, grind, this type of content is for you.

SEO Blogs

Google loves fresh content..and 200 or so other things.

The more QUALITY content companies create the better they rank (In general).

That means SEO companies hire writers to churn out 500-600 word blogs based around keywords. This is hands down the easiest way to get started, and you can easily make $2k a month in my opinion right off the bat. 

All you need are a quick intro with the target keyword, a bit of body content with some related keywords sprinkled in, and a conclusion with a link to the company. $25-$30 in your PayPal.

Press Releases

Extra! Extra! Someone just published a digital press release!

Press releases can pay up to $100 or more depending on the client. And all you need is a bit of info about the company, an intro to some big event, a quote or two, and a wrap up about who the company is.

It’s super formulaic. Once you get it done, you can easily churn out a few PER DAY, which could easily be a full-time income.

OK, Kevin. What Should I do Now?

I’m glad this freelance writing niche guide is over.

This thing was HELLISH. It took me forever to figure out what to write about. But once I got the pen to paper, it wasn’t nearly as hard as I thought it would be.


I don’t care which subject, topic, specialty, niche, or whatever you choose. Stop thinking and start doing. Once you create your samples in your niche, create a nice portfolio or a F*****G awesome writer website and get to pitching.

Your niche is important but not THAT important.


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I honestly can’t believe how far I’ve come since first choosing to be a freelance writer. I took a trip to Vancouver, BC and worked on the ferry to pay for the trip! You can do that too. Or anything you want for that matter! Just get started.

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