FREELANCE WRITER WEBSITES: 9 F*cking Awesome Sites That do it Right

FREELANCE WRITER WEBSITES: 9 F*cking Awesome Sites That do it Right

Freelance writer websites aren’t necessary to get started, but they ABSAF***INGLUTELY necessary to get high-ticket clients. 

And all I see is writer after writer doing it wrong. If you’re saying the same BS that everyone else is, you’re giving your prospects 0 reason to hire you.

Here are 9 writers who are actually doing it right so you can be inspired and land writing jobs. If you follow their lead, you WILL be more successful. 

Let’s get to it!

I don’t even have a writer website before. Freelanceaholics still gets me writing gigs though.

Do You Want to Know Why Most Writers Are Doing Their Websites Wrong?

Of course you do.

When I first started out, I only had a one-page portfolio with a tagline.


If you’re just starting and want to become a freelance writer fast, don’t waste your time with a fancy website. Just check out my post on becoming a freelance writer and get yourself a free portfolio.

However, if you really want to level up and make a good living as a freelance writer, you’ve got to have an awesome freelance writer website that covers:

  • What to do
  • Why hire you
  • What the client gains

But there’s more to it than that. You need to connect with clients on an emotional level, stand out from the endless scrum of wannabe freelancers peddling “AMAZING COPY”, and make it one-click-only to get in contact with you.

Listen to me when I say this:


Yet still, I see writer after writer making the same mistake.

The One Mistake That Kills Your Freelance Writer Website Is….


If your freelance writer website reads like an Adam Sandler film script, you will be poor for eternity. 

You need a brand. You need a personality. You need to make clients feel all tingly dingly and chuckle with delight when they see your site.

Why? Science has proven that laughter forges deep connections.

“Laughter is the closest distance between two people” - someone smarter than you or me

This has helped me land client after client. This is why I get $400 for a single blog post.

That’s when it hit me. You’ve got to connect personally with people. Make them laugh, make them feel your humanity, make them want to hire you. Let them know there’s a real fucking person behind your site.

This is the way of the Freelanceaholic. Capisce?

You don’t “specialize in Saas writing”, you KICK SAAS.

You don’t write “amazing legal copy”, you “LAY DOWN THE F***** LAW WITH YOUR WORDS”.

You don’t write “copy for funeral homes”,you “urn more business for your clients!” 

Check out this amazing billboard:

As you’ll see below, I chose writer websites that stood out for one of three reasons:

  • Amazing branding (Freelanceaholic recommended)
  • Simplicity
  • Schwarzenegger-flex type of social proof

OK, so what does a writer site that actually gets clients look like?

….right this way…

9 Freelance Writer Websites That Make Sales For You 2019

  1. Cara Fox

Cara’s site kicks ass for one reason: User experience (UX).

She clarifies who she is, what she does, and adds a pinch of personality all in less than 10 words.

And she makes it super easy for any prospective client to see her samples or connect with her on social media. I also LOVE how I can just click and follow her IG. She’s not afraid to put herself out there and prove she’s livin’ the life.

What you can learn from this site:

  • Less is more
  • Make things one-click-away
  • Have a picture of yourself and links to social media

What I would improve

  • Put a HIRE ME button on the homepage or at least on an inner page
  • Make sure to get a .com, .io, or something similar. This URL is a bit messy

2. Colin Theriot – The Cult of Copy

“Caveat lector, emptor fiet”

Colin is a copywriting genius, and his Cult of Copy Facebook group is one of my favorite resources to learn about writing good content/copy. Hence his Latin motto: Readers become buyers (Loose translation).

Fun Fact: I Facebook-know Colin decently well, and our first conversation ever was an argument over a troll comment I put in his group that got me banned. He let me back in and I’ve been on good behavior since then. He was right to ban me.


The best thing about his freelance writers website?


In an industry where everyone just uses the same empty, braggadocious bullshit copy, Colin shows why he is a master with 30k followers in his group. Check out the funny shit all over his site:

  • Takes shots at himself: Never been on NBC, Fox, etc. 
  • Minimalism: Colin doesn’t brag about anything. He’s super chill. He just says “let’s chat about it” instead of SIGN UP NOW!
  • He isn’t formal in the least: “Mind control and all that sneaky stuff”. “I don’t know what I will send you.
  • He uses funky Latin to make his group seem bespoke: “Caveat lector, emptor fiet” basically means “reader beware you’ll become a buyer”, insinuating that he’s really good at what he does as a copywriter

What you can learn from this site:

  • Be fun, casual, chill
  • Create a solid brand
  • Show your face

What I would improve

  • Update your homepage Colin!

3. Kallie Falandays – TellTell Copywriting

I’ve got a soft spot for writer sites that show the human nose, mouth, and teeth emerging from a tear in a wall-like surface. So TellTell Copywriting automatically gets a spot on my best freelance writer sites of 2019.

OK, seriously Kallie’s site is awesome.

  • Branding: There’s personality plastered all over this site. Just look at that image – can you tell which demographic she serves? HINT: It’s not male.
  • UX: This site is simple, clean, and intuitive. It only takes one click to schedule an appointment.
  • Unique: There’s no other site like this. And the copy doesn’t sound like any other copywriting site’s copy. Check out how she piques your curiosity with her first words below the fold.

You know exactly what she does, and she follows it up with some Berlin acid trip-type copy.

Hell, I’m about to dress in drag and try to get her to write for Freelanceaholics that’s how cool this is.

What you can learn from this site

  • Be unique and fun!
  • Speak directly to your audience
  • Make it easy to get in contact with you

What I would improve

  • I think a pic and a short bio on the homepage somewhere would increase trust

4. Dave Fox – GlobeJotting

Dave is a world traveling, course-making, student-coaching, former disciple of Rick Steves. And his site comes out SWINGING!

First, he’s got a killer name for a travel writing site. Globejotting is about as good a play on words as it gets – obviously not as good as Freelanceaholics – but close!

Next, he has everything laid out plainly so clients can easily hire him or get in contact via social media.

Then, he slaps a polaroid up on there.

And we haven’t even gotten below the main nav yet!

There’s just one issue…

Globejotting looks like it was made around 2011. I know this for a fact because Dave and I just had coffee at a New York-style diner in Thao Dien District, Saigon and he told me exactly that.

But the site is good on so many levels that I had to include it.

He has a pic with Rick Steves on the front page for Christ’s sake!

What you can learn from this site

  • Make it extremely easy for clients to buy from you
  • Social proof everywhere
  • Pictures and social media handles everywhere

What I would improve

  • Give it a makeover, Dave!

5. Kira Hug –

**2019 Webby Awards**

And the winner of best personality on a freelance writers website in 2019 goes to…”

KIRA HUG for!!

Kira’s whacky, WTF! Personality is all over this site.

Her copy is confident and unique:

She talks personally and casually with her audience:

She’s funny…

She knows how to sell:

What you can learn from this site

  • Be unique, weird, quirky, and fun
  • Engaging, fun/casual copy works (“Look, mom – I’m legit > “My credentials”)

What I would improve

  • I struggled to find ANYTHING wrong with this site. There really ins’t. I guess just to nitpick, I’d include some services on the home page like “I can write your sales pages, emails, web copy, etc”

6. Erin Steiner –

Erin’s site literally made me spit up some of my coffee.

I fucking love this tagline. The majority of freelance writers are up their own ass with taglines like “The legal expert that expands your business” or some garbage like that.

Erin just tells it like it is: She puts words on the internet.

It doesn’t get any more straightforward than this:

You know what this screams to me: CONFIDENCE.

The guy with the biggest muscles in the room doesn’t need to tell people how strong he is.

The richest person you know doesn’t need to brag about much money they have.

Erin’s welcome copy is the same: It doesn’t mention how awesome she is. She just wants to show you.

Plus her rates and samples are clearly visible

What you can learn from this site

  • Confidence is when you let your work do the talking, not your words
  • Rates, samples, and contact clearly visible
  • Funny is good

What I would improve

  • Nothing wrong with a simplistic design but a bit more color and design elements wouldn’t hurt

7. Colin Newcomer –

Since a lot of y’all are probably new to this whole freelance writing thing, I wanted to add a simple website that punches way above its weight. I think you could easily replicate this site with a simple WordPress tutorial.

If I were you, I’d aspire to be Colin’s site first before trying to be something grandiose.

Here’s what I love about this dude’s site:

  • What he does: He writes a lot about WordPress. A lot!
  • Who he writes for: Nice social proof clearly visible.
  • Why you should hire him: Only him, no agencies, personal relationships, etc.

He even has a nice, clear photo of himself in the banner to create a personal connection. I bet you can make this type of site for next to nothing and have it finished in a matter of hours instead of weeks. And it’s sure to nab you clients.

What you can learn from this site

  • Nothing wrong with plain and simple
  • Put the basic info front and center – who you are, what you do, why hire you
  • Use a pic for personal connection

What I would improve

  • Honestly, it’s not really fair to judge this site since it’s a simple, bare bones type site. It’s really good for what it is. Good job, Colin!

8. Michal Eisikowitz –

If you’ve got $5,000, a ton of high-paying clients, and pics of you looking like you’re doing karaoke at major conferences just lying around, Michal’s site is what you should aspire to.

This is the ultimate FLEX.

This site sickkkk.

Actually, it might be too sick. This is borderline overkill.

Despite how fancy the site is, it’s actually easy to navigate.

And it only takes 1 click to get in touch (I WILL NEVER STOP DRIVING THIS HOME).

I love this site, but I don’t expect anyone to actually make something like this. You need to be uber-successful first before getting to this level. Something to aspire to, though.

What you can learn from this site

  • Social proof everywhere
  • Professional looking sites justify higher prices

What I would improve

  • I don’t like her copy above the fold. It feels boring to me. Who am I to judge, though?

9. Brittany Berger –

Brittany is another awesome example of letting your unique personality shine on your site.


  • Includes a quirky photo
  • Has a unique, personable tagline
  • Writes fun copy
  • Puts a unique spin on industry best practices. Check this out…

Instead of just saying “my services” and having some bullshit like “improve your content”, “learn to remix your content”, and “hire me”, she totally solidifies her quirky brand and keeps with the music/entertainment theme (Remember before she had “mic drop” and “content DJ”, too).

Then she finishes with some nice social proof

This is a tour de force in creating a theme and sticking with it.

What you can learn from this site

  • Create a theme. Britt uses entertainment. For one of my sites, I had a crime drama theme. Bad content was a crime and I “prosecuted” these crimes. I based all of my content off of Law & Order. It was awesome.
  • Be quirky!

What I would improve

  • Her home page is basically a sales page, with a typical problem – rub salt in the wound a bit – solution formula. Which is 100% cool. My only gripe is there’s a lot of text and it might lose visitors.

How Can You Apply All This to YOUR Freelance Writer Website?

….and get more clients

Here are a few lessons to take away from these superhero freelancers (Freelancevengers?).

Be Fun and Unique

It’s better to be crazy than boring. The majority of the sites on my list here are quirky. The others made the list for their UX or professionalism.

Remember, your copy should be engaging and unique. Take risks, and never ever ever ever under any circumstances say things like:

  • I’m the best de derpity derp
  • I write amazing SEO content de derppity derp
  • This is gonna be the best content EVER DITTY DUM

Casual is in…

Notice the majority of these freelance writers are casual and personable?

We are freelance writers, not divorce attorneys.

Nobody is coming to you do their taxes. They want fun, engaging copy! Don’t be afraid to crack jokes, use slang, or even take a shot at yourself. Don’t take things too seriously, OK?

There’s nothing wrong with simple sites

The majority of these sites are super simple. 

Chances are you won’t have a big buget when you start and that’s fine. Slap a pic of yourself, write a fun tagline, tell people what you do, and give em’ some samples.

Make it easy to see what you do, who you serve, and why to hire you

Your visitors should know:

  • Who you are
  • What you do
  • And what’s in it for them/why hire you

As quickly as possible.

You do this with social proof, samples, and stating your expertise.

Make it easy to contact you

For the love of science make it easy to get in contact. Just a little button that says “book me” or “contact” or “Let’s talk!” is all you need.


Q: What are the best freelance writer websites like?

A: Unique, quirky, great UX, straightforward

Q: Do freelance writers need a website?

A: In the beginning, no. But if you want to level up, yes.

Q: How do I make a freelance writer website?

A: You can either pay a web developer or make one yourself in WordPress. There are plenty of tutorials.

Q: How do freelance writers get work with their websites?

A: If you set your site up right, it will do the selling for you. Make your clients want to work with you, make it easy for them to contact you, tell them exactly what they’re getting and how much it costs.

These are some of the best freelance writer websites out there. Unlike the vast majority of boring, over-professional looking sites, these ones are actually doing it right.

Of course, if don’t know how to actually make money writing online, I’ve got a super killer fucking awesome blog on 21 places you can find entry-level freelance writing work here. That should get you started!

Until next time! Ciao.

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